Xbox Game Pass


Role: Creative Director, Creative Strategist
Client: Microsoft

Xbox Game pass social channel launch

We kicked off the launch of the channels with a wild two phase creative launch involving a hero video and an easter egg hunt on Instagram.

Designed to be highly attention grabbing and press worthy - the video and launch grid not only pushed Xbox and Microsoft far out of their comfort zones, but also established the voice of the channels, making Xbox Game Pass the new hot gaming social account in town, as seen in Adweek, Ad Age, Fast Company, The Drum, Windows Central, OnMSFT and more.

The Xbox Game Pass social channels marked a huge shift in the way Xbox typcially does marketing. With a test and learn mindset approach and the forefront of our creative strategy, the launch of the channels spawned an era of many firsts for the brand with new insights, innovations, and shifts in thinking for Microsoft.


Instagram grid

We launched Instagram with a huge grid takeover consisting of our hero stock photo character (Jerry), the new games of the month, and an Xbox One X Giveaway. Fans with a keen eye noticed that our Instagram bio directed people to look closely at one the images, leading them on an elaborate easter egg hunt within the grid filled with hidden messages and Xbox Game Pass codes.

Fans who made it to the end were directed to a secretly backedated Xbox Facebook post, which contained a cryptic clue teasing what games we would be annoucing at Gamescom the next month. Fans on Reddit began diseccting all the clues in the image and guessing what the games could be - increasing the hype for Xbox Game Pass as a service and giving major incentives to follow the social channels.

Because Instagram’s algorithm is highly based on time spent - our post-launch content reaped the benefits of expanded reach due to our initial followers spending so much time on our account looking for clues and hidden messages. Now Xbox Game Pass is one of Microsoft’s most highly engaged Instagram accounts.

a breath of fresh air

Post launch the social channels have recieved overwhelming positivity from fans online with content recieving unprecidented engagement numbers and brand affinity. From NOW commerical parodies to wholesome tweets - here’s some examples of the the unique approach to content:

Fan Love

This creative approach has produced countless brand advocates been well recieved all up by the gaming community. Here are some response to Xbox Game Pass social: