2spooky game drop


Role: Creative Director, Creative Strategist
Client: Xbox

It all started when…

the Xbox Game Pass team let us know 4 new scary-themed games were coming to the service as a suprise for fans in October. This was the first time they would be doing a themed suprise drop and they wanted a name, branding, a way to support it on social media that was on tone with the Xbox Game Pass social channels.

Name: Named after the ‘2Spooky’ meme which resurfaces across social media online every Halloween - the 2Spooky Game Drop

Branding: Designed by Fern Espinoza, the 2Spooky logo maintains a fun tone while still being Halloween/Spooky themed. To further add the the ‘internety halloween’ feel, visuals always incorporate skeletons playing the trumpet - a reference to another Halloween meme that resurfaces every year.

Execution: After the name and visuals were designed, it was time to promote the drop with a mini campaign. To tease the games, each day in October we would update our Twitter bio “Installing Pumpkin Patch [1%🎃]” to a higher percentage as we grew closer to the release date of the games.

As we grew closer to the date of the game drop, our nods to the “Pumpkin Patch” installation progress grew more overt with the utilization of ASCII art tweets.

Before the annouce of the games, our whole plan leaked and was discovered by True Achievements. We decided to use this to our advantage.

On the day the games came out, we released the ‘Patch Notes’ which consisted of the games in our 2Spooky Game Drop. The video paired with the patch notes featured a glitched out, spooky version of our NOW parody series that finally debuted our visual idea and the name of the yearly Halloween game drop.

To address the leaked we decided to go self-aware and told our fans to ‘pretend like this is the first time you’re seeing these games’ much to fans amusement. They played along and loved the fact that we acknowledged and embraced the whole thing. The post ended up being one of our top performing game annoucement posts with tons of positive sentiment to back it up.